Monday, August 16, 2010

And so it goes..

What a wonderful privilege to have completed a sucessful first season of the Summer Theatre Conservatory Program.

Our final presentation took place at the Ensemble Studio Theatre and students performed their rewrites of plays and monologues. They all stepped up to performance level with delight and shine and an intelligence and command of themselves that was heartening.

Many thanks to all and everyone who worked well and in concert to honor the students and their passionate connections to their own growth. Thanks to Stephen Wagner, Program Administrator, Rod Menzies, Program Producer, Janet Zarish, Mary Robinson, Jeffrey Sweet and Sue Brandt.

And to EST's Paul Slee and NY Arts Linda Earle, Dana Tarantino and Susan Childrey.

We are writing up our assessments. Setting up our scholarship fund for next year and
and taking a break for a deep breath.

Thank you all and stay tuned for more information on next year as soon as we have it.

Blessings and thanks to all.

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