Monday, June 27, 2011


we return we return
all is well all is well

we welcome everyone to Summer C0onservatory 2011.
this blog is meant to give you a running commentary on the work of the New York Theatre Intensives: Summer Conservatory 2011.

we have just come from our opening reception and welcome to our summer students.
jose santana , who will be teaching the collaborative workshop, was there. and paul slee, exective director of EST, and Geoff Dunbar, lighting designer and longtime EST member and Susan Vitucci who will be working with us on Object Theatre.

geoff put it well in introducing the process to the students, he talked about how we, as members of the Ensemble Studio Theatre, all met as young artists and how we, some thirty or forty years later, are privileged to still be working together as collaborators and friends.

this is the work we do together.
we live.
we make beautiful things together
and apart and
then together again.
we are grateful to do so.

tomorrow our classes begin and we attend our first public reading of a new play at The Public Theatre, ZOETROPE.
Wednesday afternoon we visit New Dramatists and hear a new play there.
Wednesday eve, there is a cabaret at DONT TELL MAMA
and Friday night, the Comic Book Festival at the Brick Theatre in Williamsburg.

stay tuned.
we hope you'll enjoy the ride as much as we do.

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