Thursday, June 30, 2011


Taking action.
Being active.
To act is to do.
To create action from need.
To create action from want.
What do I want so much that I will take action to get it?
What do I need so much that nothing will deter me?
And how do I show this desire?
Objects hold the keys to action-- at this point... real palpable objects.
Dumbo's feather.
The ruby slippers.
How about the red violin?
And how can I save my life and take action.. urgent, connected and palpable action.. that is worthy of the goal I am after?
Well.. I could ask for something or demand it
I could cajole, hide, seduce, redirect, steal,..... and it goes on.
I could actively wait or actively conquer.
The art is in the choice, yes?

Taking direct action, from a direct and connected place.
That was today. In both Jose's class and playwriting.

We have started collecting and sorting, choosing and releasing
and it is just the beginning.

Oh, and Rod is back. Our Producing Director Rod Menzies is back from directing Andrew Dolan's play THE MANY MISTRESSES OF MARTIN LUTHER KING at the Berkshire Playwrights Lab in Great Barrington, Massachusetts.

So, the Rep class starts tomorrow afternoon.
Stay tuned.

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