Monday, June 27, 2011


We are very grateful this summer to have students studying with us in the name of
those who we have loved and treasured.

MAI HAYAKAWA was a wonderful, creative, talented and joyful spirit who makes me smile just to think about her. We are so honored to be able to keep her spirit alive with the institution of the HAYAKAWA MEMORIAL SCHOLARSHIP. This years recipient of a full tuition and housing scholarship is Benjamin Benne. His new play Captivity will be read and developed during the summer. Stay tuned for some words from Ben as the summer progresses.

The TONY SHULTZ MEMORIAL SCHOLARSHIP is named in honor of artist, musician, and fine fine soul Tony Shultz. Tony had the great fun to be part of the original company of GREASE,THE BAKERS WIFE and PLATINUM on Broadway. He was an accomplished musician, playing jazz and rock by ear. Co Founder of the Los Angeles Writers Bloc ,Tony believed passionately in the voice of new artists and that education was the key to the next generation. We are delighted to welcome two full SHULTZ SCHOLARS this summer. Paris Alexandra and Ray Scott come to the program as SHULTZ scholars this summer and we are also pleased to award Carlos Morales and Gloris Rice partial support.

Kennedy Center American College Theatre Festival scholars this year are TAYSHA MORALES (ACADIA COllEGE) and CASSIDY SLAUGHTER MASON ( UNViVERSITY OF OREGON).

We welcome all of our students and look forward to our support of their endeavors and the endeavors of our future students.
We look forward to updating you on the progress of everyone!

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